Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review: Earth Balance Mac & Cheese

So when I heard Eartg Balance came out with a box version of Mac & cheese, I knew I had to try it. I've been trying to find a good fix. I've tried several homemade recipes. Some are good, others ok but sometimes you just want a quick convenience meal.

First, let me say this box is currently only available in select stores. Supposedly, Whole Foods in Atlanta carries this product but I couldn't find it :( I tried the local natural food store in Macon, Ga, with no luck. So what's a vegan gal to do? Well call your personal shopper, aka Dad. I found out that Country Life Vegetarian in Columbus, Ga, just started carrying this product (about $3.50 per box). And guess what? My sweet Dad picked me up some of this yummy pasta! 

I decided to pack some for our recent beach trip and try it out. I really liked the messages on the box. 

The pasta is basically just like the blue box. 

To me it was yummy, gooey, and cheesy. Of course, I could always use more cheese. I made the box using soy milk and Earth Balance soy butter. You can use any plant milk and non-dairy cheese.

So did it pass the test? Well my cousin's son ate some not knowing it was vegan, and he was none the wiser, which means it must be good! 

I think for a quick meal this is a great and easy fix. I also have a box of parmasean to try soon.