Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Pho Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Macon, Ga

I really enjoy trying different food, and going to new places; however, I'm always leery of new places since it is difficult to confirm the ingredients in dishes. Pho Saigon is a small locally owned family restaurant in Macon, Ga. It offers Vietnamese food and does veganize some of the foods. Just make sure to let the server know you are vegetarian or vegan.

A couple of quick notes: the Pho is a meat based broth. For the veggie fried rice ask for no egg. For the Bun, ask for no fish sauce. My husband likes to get the peanut sauce with the Bun and the spring rolls (ask for tofu in spring rolls instead of shrimp).

So we typically order spring rolls with tofu and lemongrass tofu Bun.

Once I tried the vegetable fried rice, which was good, but I prefer the Bun. So I typically order it when I go to Pho Saigon.

The owners are very nice and have actually learned who we are and our typical order. If you enjoy Vietnamese food or just want to try something new, then I suggest stopping by Pho Saigon. Support local restaurants and enjoy a great meal.