Jonathan & Alisha are the creators of Heart of Georgia Veggies. The posts on this page are their views about living a compassionate life by respecting all creatures. The couple are veggies living in the Heart of Georgia and the posts are their reflections on living this lifestyle along with post on restaurant reviews and news items.
Jonathan is a vegetarian seeking his spiritual path in life to help all of God's creatures. He started his journey in June of 2011 when he gave up animal flesh. He then became vegan with Alisha on March 12, 2012. He is now vegetarian. ~Bio created by Alisha still pending Jonathan's review ;)
Alisha started her journey to veganism in a middle school in Georgia. During those times it was difficult to find another person who was vegetarian or even understood the term. Without the social support group Alisha’s transition took several years. It took almost 10 years before she made the complete transition to a vegetarian lifestyle, and even then still had some bumps along the road. Then in 2012, the combination of Jonathan suggesting they give up cheese for Lent and watching several documentaries, such as “Earthlings,” Alisha & Jonathan decided to be the change they wanted to see in the world, and support each other along the journey. The culmination of events solidified Alisha’s belief to no longer consume animal products, to live her values each day and lead a compassionate life.
Jonathan & Alisha are proud parents of 4 furry children, who will likely make appearances on this site:

Chance 14 yo Border Collie
Ginger 9 yo Siamese/Tabby/Himalayan 

Leo 8 yo Tabby

Rascal 5 yo Russian Blue Shorthair