Friday, October 3, 2014

Grocery Shopping in the Heart of Georgia

Calling all shoppers, this post is for you!

Ok, so I don't really like to shop. I often try to avoid it, but what I do like is finding unique stores. Whether it is grocery stores, or thrift stores or antiques I prefer to shop at local unique places (Oh, I need to post about recent trip with many antique stops!)... when my bank account allows. I also like learning about the owners and farmers in local areas. The issue is sometimes shopping for specialty vegan items outside of large urban areas can be a challenge. For instance, I often struggle to find hazelnut milk at a decent price. I can find chocolate milk but not plain hazelnut milk. So what can you do in Macon? What about Columbus? 


Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant and Store 

For Columbus, I've mentioned it before... Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant and Store has some of the best prices on items in the bulk bins. I checked the nutritional yeast price per pound to the Amazon price, and Country Life had the best price. Now, their pre-packaged items are higher than Publix or Winn-Dixie. 

Market Days on Broadway:

This market has really grown in the last few years. It now stretches several blocks and it is fun to see all the local vendors. Plus you stumble across great finds like these:

A family member who was at the market said, "Figures Alisha would buy a painting of a pig." Yes... Yes I did! In fact, I bought the big pig, chicks, and cow. They are now proudly displayed in my kitchen. I almost bought more since the artist is local to Columbus and has very reasonable prices. I really just liked the happy faces on the animals and the bright colors.

Prices can be high for the fresh produce but you are supporting local farmers. Always ask the bread artisans if the bread contains egg, dairy, or honey. I have yet to find a bakery at the market that is vegan. If you have found one, please let me know!

I could list all the grocery stores in Columbus, but I really just wanted to hit the highlights. Check out Marvin's Market for great prices on local produce. The frozen vegetables are some of the best prices in town. Of course there is Publix, which does have Diaya, Tofurky, and other items. 


Farmer's Market on Eisenhower

I've been to this market a few times. I really like that it is outside but is covered; however, not all of the produce is local. So keep this in mind when shopping. The prices vary at each vendor. I typically go here to find peas... oh wonderful deliscious locally grown peas like blackeyes, pinkeyes, and more.

Mulberry Street Market on Wednesday Afternoons

I've been to this market a few times and purchased some great local vegetables. The market has outgrown its current location and is moving to Tattnell Square Park. The first day in the new location is October 15th at 3:30 pm. I am glad to hear it is moving. Parking was always an issue in its previous location, and it was kind of small. I hope it continues to grow. 

Wesleyan Farmers Market on Saturday 

I tend to forget about this market. It may be due to the schedule changing. I would check their Facebook page for the latest schedule. 

Yvonne's Natural Market

Yvonne's Natural Market, while it does carry lots of meat and supplements (not really my thing), it does carry some veggie items I cannot find elsewhere. For instance, Snapeas are sold here at a good price. Review on Snapeas soon!

Forsyth Farmer's Market

Yes, I have traveled to Forsyth to visit their Farmer's Market. Ok, maybe I just happened to be in the area and noticed a great little market set up so I stopped. And I am so glad we did stop! 
They had great local produce in a cute small town. Check the website for times and dates, but it usually is opened on Friday mornings.
Town square in Forsyth
Really big cabbage at the market that was delicious!
I may have also made a side trip or two just to buy an insane amount of peaches at Dickey Farms; although, I seem to have hidden the photographic evidence. So I highly recommend checking out local farms. If you have any good ones, let me know in the comments.

Kroger in Macon

Kroger has many vegan items, and although it is a chain I had to post a couple of pictures from recent trips :)
Keep an eye out for coupons from fellow shoppers left on the shelf. I happened to find this coupon on the shelf and combined it with the sale on Earth Balance. :)

The sign I've been in the grocery store... vegan book prominently displayed!
While I buy local items often, I also like to support the stocking of vegan items at larger stores so they don't discontinue items like this:

It was a great buy, but a sad day to see the earth balance popcorn was only in the stores for a month before they stopped carrying the product in Macon.

Atlanta side trips:

All of this being said, I still make a trip to Atlanta at least once every other month to visit Dekalb International Farmer's Market, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

Why? Dekalb International Farmer's Market has the best prices on spices, bulk nuts, coconut oil, and a few other items.


  1. Grab a buggy in the parking lot before going inside (there are no buggies inside). 
  2. Check out the spices, veggies, fruits, and alcohol section. The pre-packaged foods are not a great buy.
  3. The meat section is all the way on the back left hand side of the store and it can be difficult to walk past for some. 
  4. For all us greenie/crunchy/hippie/environmentalist put your reusable bags on the bottom. 
  5. Never go on Saturday morning... it is crazy busy and jammed pack like a pickle jar.

Ok so what did I miss? Any farmers markets, local farms, or unique grocery stores you enjoy in the area? Maybe somewhere else in Middle Georgia you like to visit? Please share with the group! Look for a post soon about some unique antique/thrift stores.