Saturday, January 31, 2015

Peaceful demonstration for circus animals

Today, I participated in my first peaceful demonstration. A peaceful gathering of a few dedicated animal rights activist to speak up for the animals in the Ringling Brothers Circus. It was a liberating event. The first time I had ever done anything like this, in fact it was the first time any of us had participated in a demonstration. 

First, I want to thank Jessica for putting this together so quickly. She found out just a few days ago about the circus being in town, gathered together a group of people, made signs, and arranged everything. It was great to meet and stand along fellow supporters in support of the animals. 

Some might say, why would I want to hold a sign, and others might ask why I've never done this before? Well first, I have to say it took a while to gather the courage to even stand on the side of the road holding a sign. It is way outside my comfort zone. 
I did it not to make others feel uncomfortable, but to put the information out in the open that wild animals are not meant to be confined and forced to perform. We were speaking up for those who have no voice and are born into a sad life or torn from their home. Wild animals belong in the wild. 

I share this not to judge others, but to make people stop and think about the animals. The animals are not in the circus at their choosing. "They “perform” out of fear of retaliation, of further torture, out of necessity. They travel for thousands of miles in discomfort, enduring endless trauma in their confinement, putting everyone who could come into contact with them at risk. These animals are mere commodities to the multimillion-dollar circus industry; their “caregivers” are their jailers."

Do I think we made a difference? I don't know, but I hope so. I hope those who saw us went home and researched the topic for themselves. I hope they stopped to think about the animals in the show. We all have an impact on this world, and I try, to the best of my ability, to make a compassionate impact on the lives of my fellow earthlings.

For more information please see this video below and also review the I share this information to help others understand the life of circus animals.